High Temp, High Performance Polymers

Grivory HT is based on semi-crystalline, partially aromatic polyamides and sit between the conventional engineering plastics and high performance polymers, giving the best of both worlds. It is based on polyphthalamide (copolyamides PA 6T/61 and PA 6T/66). The polymer is made by EMS-GRIVORY in Domat/Ems, Switzerland by a completely new polymerisation and compounding process.Injection moulded parts made from this polymer have excellent dimensional stability, even at high temperatures. The stiffness and strength properties at temperatures up to 120°C are superior to PPS and PEEK, making it an ideal metal replacement material.

Grivort HT injection moulded components have:

- Stiffness and strength at high temperature
- properties not significantly affected by water uptake
- good dimensional stability and resistance to warping
- Good resistance to chemicals
- good surface quality

Grivory HT is therefore useful in a number of areas for product designers:

  • automotive applications where high temperature and resistance to petro-chemicals is important
  • applications where water uptake resistance is required such as immersed components
  • components in direct contact with foodstuffs (where EU guidelines are met)
  • component is direct contact with hot drinking (potable) water where the material is approved by authorities in Germany (KTW), UK (WRAS), and USA (NSF)

Direct replacement of metal components, particularly die-cast alloys, is feasible giving significant weight saving and corrosion resistance without subsequent surface treatment.

Examples of Applications include:

  • Electronics - motor, transformer and switch housings
  • Automotive - throttle body, pump housings, fuel control systems, pedal support, clutch slave cylinder, lamp housing
  • Plumbing - Thermostatic control valve housing, water meter housing, mixing units, pipe clamp

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