Above and Beyond Award

Winners of the Above and Beyond Award are recognised by their colleagues for a consistent high level of team-work, flexibility, their positive attitude and for focusing on quality.

Christine Evans was our first winner of the Above and Beyond Award, nominated unanimously by the Management Team as a worthy winner!

Dennis Barrett was nominated by Nora Stewart for always going the extra mile to help his colleagues in any way he can, and always with a smile on his face!

Damien Smart was nominated by Jane Gagg and Morris Sibanda for being flexible and always  being helpful, hardworking and kind!

Adriana Ifrim was nominated by Dean Jones as she is hardworking, positive and a great example to her colleagues!  She has also been recently promoted into our Quality Team - well done Adriana!

Joe Knight was nominated by Mark Bridgwater and Dennis Barrett for his hard working and flexible attitude and his helpfulness to fellow employees!

Pete Wood was nominated by Mark Bridgwater for his attention to quality and willingness to help in any way!

Ireneusz Zurawicz was nominated by Mark Bridgwater for his all round hard working and positive attitude!

Allan Welsh was nominated by Dennis Barrett because he is a team player, very proactive and helpful and follows procedures to the letter!

Hazel Preedy was nominated by Darren Jones for her excellent attitude towards work and customer satisfaction and for her support to others!

Jaroslaw Jaguszewski was nominated by Mark Bridgwater for his hard work, help, support and flexibility!

Sarah Farr was nominated by Dean Jones for her positive and flexible approach to everything asked of her and more!

Anthony Lewis was nominated by Mark Bridgwater and Jaroslaw Jaguszewski for his hardwork, helpfulness and willingness to learn!

Mark Bridgwater was nominated by Jaroslaw Jaguszewski for his positive hardworking attitude. He is also very helpful and supportive to others!

Paul Gough was nominated by Justin Jones for his willingness to help others and always in a friendly pleasent manor!

Jolanta Simanskiene was nominated by Stevan Hadley for her supportive and positive attitude!

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