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Two shot moulding -


Two shot moulding

Two shot injection moulding is the ability to produce complex mouldings from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle.

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Benefits of two shot moulding

There are many benefits to using two shot moulding to create your moulded part:

  • Complex mouldings
    The capability to produce mouldings that are both visually pleasing and also have the desired characteristics required of the component
  • Cost reductions
    Allows complex components to be moulded in a single tool. Post-moulding processes are not necessary to join separate mouldings together or to apply colour to components. This reduces labour and running costs
  • Improved quality
    As the entire moulding process is carried out within one mould tool, each of the components will be exactly the same. Enhanced machine technology helps to lower tolerances and ensure that the quality of every part produced is exactly the same
  • Reduced cycle times
    Incorporates both phases of component production into a single cycle with a very short break when the tool repositions. This means that complete parts can be produced in as short a time as possible
  • Improved bonding
    By moulding the two parts of the component in compatible materials, a strong bond is created between the two parts. This ensures a good quality product that will be much more reliable in service.

Two shot moulding is the ability to produce complex mouldings from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle. This opens the door to allow you to create innovative mouldings that can be produced quickly and to a very high quality level.

Mouldings that incorporate two different colours, or two different types of materials, can be combined to create products with desired characteristics from two different materials. A good example of these types of moulding would be a handle requiring a soft grip area. In this instance the two separate parts of this moulding could be moulded by the same machine and in a single tool, in a single process.

The most crucial element in two shot injection moulding is the design of the tool

For the process to run efficiently, mould tools must be created so that they have two separate component cavities and can be rotated through 180° so that they line up with the two injection units. Or by using a core back process where the cavity is extended by pulling a slide, and a second component injected.

At AKI we have a great deal of experience in the management of two shot moulding tools from concept to finished product (meet the team). We take pride in our ability to produce mouldings which exceed our customers' expectations, especially where other manufacturers have been unable to succeed.

Thanks to their many years of knowledge, our highly trained engineers will be able to advise you on the best way to use two shot moulding to manufacture your product, be that chemical or mechanical bonding, or through the introduction of a catalyst.

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