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Originally part of a US multi-national, A K Industries has been privately owned for 20 years since a management buy-out in 1996. We've grown ever since thanks to our loyal customers.

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Plastic Injection Mouldings Ltd (PIM)

Part of a larger national group (Plastic Industries, based in Irvine, Scotland) which offers vacuum forming, plastic dip moulding and injection moulding at its Hereford facility (now our home).


PIM is acquired by Sybron International and renamed Nalge (Europe) Ltd, then later NalgeNunc International

Significant investment from US parent company enables significant improvements in technical capabilities and a move into more complex mouldings and assemblies, including injection blow moulding, clean room assembly and facility extensions


NalgeNunc International is bought out by Allen Green and Keith Williams through a management buyout. A K Industries Ltd (AKI) is born.

Retains skill set developed as part of Nalge group and expands trade moulding business. Key customers are retained and the company grows significantly over next few years.


Keith Williams retires and Allen and Jan Green take AKI through a difficult recession period

Remaining profitable through the most difficult times (unusual in the industry), the business downsizes to maintain viability.


Allen and Jan retire and AKI is bought by the next generation; Alastair & Sam.

Significant period of restructuring and modernisation begins to future-proof the business. Significant investment in technology, capex and skills in key areas, including: 

  • Development of advanced metrology lab
  • Full overhaul of company QMS and procedures
  • Workforce expansion
  • Clean room development
  • Advanced automation projects (including six-axis robotics)

The future...

At AKI we're looking to the future and investing heavily in our state-of-the-art factory. We've built a strong management team that has a clear mission and vision for the business; to be the premier injection moulder for technical products in medical, water management, electronics and defence.

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Injection moulding

Many of the mould tools we run in our moulding machines have complex cores which operate in a plane 90 degrees to the tool opening plane.

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