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High surface finish cosmetics -


High surface finish cosmetics

High surface finish cosmetics is one of our specialisms. We specialise in printing to a huge variety of surface types.

Surface finish involves the degree of roughness and variation on the surfaces of a part. For a great deal of the external products that we mould at AKI, how a part looks and feels cosmetically is our primary consideration. This is especially true of the shower industry, where we have more than 25 years' experience.

There are four major drivers in the cosmetic appearance of your part; without considering them all you may find that a finished product ends up with issues such as dull, glossy or hazy areas or with an unwanted rippled surface.

The geometry, the choice of material, the design of the tool and the processing parameters all need to be considered

When designing a part, appearance is the top priority. While the designer of the product has complete control over geometry and resin selection, it's the moulder that typically has the largest input into the design of the mould tool. In our experience, we've found that when we can be involved from the start of a part's life cycle, we can give the best advice on how to achieve the perfect surface finish for any injection moulded cosmetic product.

By being involved in the development of a mould tool from the outset, we can propose gate and vent locations to optimise resin flow and prevent the many cosmetic problems which arise as a result of the path(s) resin entry or flow takes in filling the mould tool.

We've found that the issue of surface finish is highly subjective - this can complicate things and requires the good relationships and communication we build up with our customers and the mould tool designers. Thanks to our years of experience we're always confident in our abilities to produce moulded parts which will exceed our customer’s expectations every time.

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Many of the mould tools we run in our moulding machines have complex cores which operate in a plane 90 degrees to the tool opening plane.

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