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Tool design is a vital part of the injection moulding process. Our team has unrivalled knowledge of the best materials and manufacturing methods.

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Mould design is a specialised discipline that requires exceptional product analysis and detailed knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods. Tool design is also a vitally important part of the injection moulding process which affects a product's strength, quality and durability. 

Procuring the best possible injection mould tool can make all the difference to product quality, manufacturing speed, unit costs and manufacturing productivity. At AKI, we provide exceptional design and project management support, guiding you through the tooling design and procurement process from start to finish.

What we offer

  • Long-standing relationships with tooling partners in the UK and abroad
  • Extensive CAD experience in generating 2D and 3D models
  • Advise on component feasibility
  • Minor design amendments (data permitting)
  • Involvement in FMEA for products
  • Aid in DFM, DFMA and DFWC
  • VE best methods of manufacture
  • Advice on tooling fees and methods
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Comprehensive mould management and maintenance programme.

At AKI we understand that at the heart of any successfully moulded product is a high quality injection mould tool. By trusting us with your work, you will be partnering with a manufacturing company which takes pride in the through-life engineering of our customer’s tools.

Our engineering support service

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Proactive and reactive tooling maintenance (in-house and through external partners)
  • Tooling modifications and refurbishments carried out by skilled engineers
  •  Close relationships with local toolmakers and engineering companies
  • CNC machines integrated with CAD software for complex machining
  • Advanced machining through computer aided manufacture
  • All customer tooling kept onsite and fully insured
  • Chose from three plate tooling, heated sprue brush tooling, multi drop hot runner tooling or cold feed tooling
  • Partnerships with universities to produce rapid prototypes
  • Tooling database with integrated ERP system to record all modifications and repairs
  • Capable of single impression soft tooling or multi-impression, fully hardened and multi-plate mechanical tooling.

We offer three different levels of service through out planned tooling maintenance service, according to each customer's product and the complexity of the tool required. AKI's higher level engineering service ensures your assets are well cared for, but in a cost effective manner.

Service level 1

  • Open tool in tool-room
  • Inspect for visual wear/ damage to all mould surfaces, pillars and bushes
  • Clean surface vents
  • Check condition of sprue brush. re-machine radius is required
  • Push ejection forward. Inspect ejection for wear/ damage and lubricate
  • Blow through waterways to check for blockage of cooling channels
  • Complete service and tool condition report

Service level 2

All work completed in service level 1, plus:

  • Remove ejector frame and all ejection from tool
  • Clean ejectors and clean through all ejector holes
  • Remove all slides on surface of tool. Clean and lubricate wear plates and runners
  • Remove any cores from slides. Clean vents and de-scale waterways, replace “O” seals
  • Carry out flow test on tool when re-assembled

Service level 3

All work completed in service level 2, plus:

  • Every insert, core moving part removed from tool, inspected and cleaned before replacing
  • All “O” seals replaced behind inserts in fixed and moving half pockets
  • All hydraulics, unscrewing mechanisms (gearing, bearings racks and associated wear plates) removed, inspected and re-lubricated)

For all service levels, standard components like screws and “O” seals will be included in the cost. All other replacement parts will be at additional costs that will be made clear before work commences.

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Injection moulding

Many of the mould tools we run in our moulding machines have complex cores which operate in a plane 90 degrees to the tool opening plane.

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