Drilling, Polishing and Assembly

To provide our customers with the best service possible a number of post moulding operations can be carried out in our assembly facility. These extra processes are aimed at adding value to the products while at the same time reducing the costs for customers

The drilling of parts is used to remove any unnecessary polymer that may have been necessary in the moulding process. By removing this extra material in house it means a ready-to-assemble moulding can be provided to the customer, or the part can be assembled with other mouldings in the AKI assembly facility. An example of this process is for shower handsets. Extra material is required during the gas injection moulding stage to form a hollow handset. This is then easily removed as a post moulding operation by drilling out the head of the handset.

For products that have a high quality gloss finish a post moulding polishing operation is often a useful extra process. Even though the finish produced by the moulding toolmay be of a very high quality, a polishing operation to remove any dust from the product before final packaging gives a part the high gloss finish that will have been specified.. Polishing operations are carried out on a soft-polishing wheel with high quality wax to ensure that a part is polished to a perfect finish without leaving any marks.

For products that require assembly we are able to carry out this operation in our assembly facility. We can demonstarte examples of assemblies where we mould all the separate components in house and assemble theparts either as a whole in the assembly facility or as a step by step process on the press as each part is produced. By carrying out assembly in house we can reduce costs for our customers while still producing products to a high standard.

Benefits of In House post moulding Operations

  • Reduced costs – by carrying out post moulding operations in house, and utilising lean manufacturing tools, we can greatly reduce component costs and the complexity of work that our customers would ordinarily undertake..
  • High level of quality – performing post-moulding operations on products helps ensure that a high level of quality is maintained. By checking parts from the moment they leave a press, to final assembly, quality levels can be maintained and ensure that components are only assembled to the highest standards.
  • Reduction of Customer’s stock holding – Assembly of components will reduce the cost of customers stock holding due to delivery of an assembly rather than a range of components. Further benefits are available through the use of Kanban
  • Reduced production times – post moulding operations mean there is very little time between the production of components and their assembly. This means that a great deal of time can be saved when components would normally be transported, or stored, in between moulding and assembly operations.

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