Medical Moulding

AKI’s medical moulding pedigree began 15 years ago when they were part of the American Nalge Corporation. Life Science products have formed part of aki’s product range since that time and the move to Medical Mouldings was a reaction to customer demand. aki have a range of moulding machines to cover every size of moulding including micro mouldings weighing less than one gramme.

AKI’s approach is always innovative, as illustrated by their leading role in European Funded research and development projects in conjunction with PERA and other european sme’s.

For example:

Insulin Project - Injection moulded needle syringes to remove 5 billion uncontrolled & life threatening intravenous needles from public use & waste streams by providing a low cost, plastic syringe needle, suitable for subcutaneous insulin injection but too short for intravenous drug injection that can be made sharp safe without the need for special disposal requirements.

Rapi-Heal Project - Development of a Cost Effective, High Performance System for the Treatment of Open Wounds. The official project description was "An affordable & more effective negative pressure closure treatment for chronic ulcers to improve patient mobility & quality of life "

aki’s New Product Realisation and Optimisation Process can help get your medical moulding to market faster. Check the link for details or contact us for a discussion about your requirements.

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