Technical Moulding

  • Injection Moulding

    Injection Moulding

    Injection moulding is the process of injecting molten thermoplastic polymer into a cavity, in a hardened steel mould tool, which opens on a split line (followin...

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  • Two Shot Injection Moulding

    Two Shot Injection Moulding

    Two shot injection moulding is the ability to produce complex mouldings from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle. This has the bene...

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  • Medical Moulding

    Medical Moulding

    AKI’s medical moulding pedigree began 15 years ago when they were part of the American Nalge Corporation. Life Science products have formed part of aki&r...

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  • Miniature and Micro Injection Moulding

    Miniature and Micro Injection Moulding

    Miniaturisation of parts as well as complete systems is a trend that is happening throughout the world. To keep up with this every growing trend manufacturing s...

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  • Gas Assisted Injection Moulding

    Gas Assisted Injection Moulding

    The principle of this process is that nitrogen gas is injected, during the moulding cycle, either through the sprue or directly into the mould tool. At a contro...

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  • Insert Moulding

    Insert Moulding

    A preformed plastic or metal insert is incorporated into the component during the moulding stage or as a post moulding stage to improve the strength of the moul...

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  • High Temp, High Performance Polymers

    High Temp, High Performance Polymers

    Grivory HT is based on semi-crystalline, partially aromatic polyamides and sit between the conventional engineering plastics and high performance polymers, givi...

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