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Latest Award

James Symonds

Nominated by Joe Knight for working flexibly to ensure urgent product was ready for an AM delivery!

  • Andy Leighton & Andy Tolley

    Andy Leighton & Andy Tolley

    Nominated by Rytis Simanskas for providing fantastic support to our NPI team and upskilling their colleagues!

  • Bob Meredith

    Bob Meredith

    Nominated by Darren Jones for his proffessionalism and quality of work!

  • Jolanta Simanskiene

    Jolanta Simanskiene

    Nominated by Stevan Hadley for her supportive and positive attitude.

  • Allan Welsh

    Allan Welsh

    Nominated by Dennis Barrett for being a team player - proactive, helpful and always following procedures to the letter.

  • Anthony Lewis

    Anthony Lewis

    Nominated by Mark Bridgwater and Jaroslaw Jaguszewski for his hardwork, helpfulness and willingness to learn!

  • Christine Evans

    Christine Evans

    Our first winner of the Above and Beyond Award, nominated unanimously by the management team as a worthy winner!

  • Damien Smart

    Damien Smart

    Nominated by Jane Gagg and Morris Sibanda for always being flexible, helpful, hardworking and kind!

  • Dennis Barrett

    Dennis Barrett

    Nominated by Nora Stewart for always going the extra mile to help his colleagues in any way he can, and always with a smile on his face.

  • Hazel Preedy

    Hazel Preedy

    Put forward by Darren Jones for her excellent attitude towards work, customer satisfaction and for her support to others.

  • Ireneusz Zurawicz

    Ireneusz Zurawicz

    Nominated by Mark Bridgwater for his all round hard working and positive attitude!

  • Jaroslaw Jaguszewski

    Jaroslaw Jaguszewski

    Nominated by Mark Bridgwater for his hard work, help, support and flexibility!

  • Joe Knight

    Joe Knight

    Nominated by Mark Bridgwater and Dennis Barrett for his hard working and flexible attitude and his helpfulness to fellow employees.

  • Mark Bridgwater

    Mark Bridgwater

    Put forward by Jaroslaw Jaguszewski for his positive hardworking attitude and being very helpful and supportive to others.

  • Paul Gough

    Paul Gough

    Nominated by Justin Jones for his willingness to help others and his friendly pleasant manner.

  • Pete Wood

    Pete Wood

    Put forward by Mark Bridgwater for his attention to quality and willingness to help in any way needed.

  • Sarah Farr

    Sarah Farr

    Suggested by Dean Jones for her positive and flexible approach to everything asked of her.

  • Adriana Ifrim

    Adriana Ifrim

    Nominated by Dean Jones as she's hardworking, positive and a great example to her colleagues. She's also been recently promoted into our quality team - well done Adriana!

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Injection moulding

Many of the mould tools we run in our moulding machines have complex cores which operate in a plane 90 degrees to the tool opening plane.

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