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AKI expands tool room capabilities - Close up of milling


AKI expands tool room capabilities

13 Jan 2006

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A recent addition to AKI's tool room is an XYZ SM 2000. The first CNC Vertical Milling Machine to be commissioned on site, it represents a significant step forward from manually controlled machines. Using XYZ's Protrak software, milling paths can be created quickly and easily with total time to finished part being greatly reduced. CAD files can also now be used to create milling paths that create complicated parts with minimal human input, also helping to reduce the human error factor. The new machine is also a 3 axis milling machine, meaning that deep pockets can be milled automatically layer by layer ensuring a high quality finish and minimal risk of damaging parts, or milling bits used.

The use of CNC control, rather than human judgement, means that AKI can now look to carrying out more complex repairs to tools and even the complete production of some tooling. With the ability to create replacement parts, or inserts, for tools, AKI can ensure that tools are kept from production for the shortest time possible. The ability to repair tools in house also means there is less need for outsourcing, reducing repair times and helps keep costs to a minimum.

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