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Malvern Choose AKI - Capillary cell


Malvern Choose AKI

12 Jul 2006

A K Industries is delighted to have been selected by Malvern Instruments to help develop an improved version of a new measurement cell. The unit, a capillary cell, is an important element in Malvern’s new Zetasizer Nano Series measuring instrument which can measure particles as small as 6 nanometres (6X10-9m).

The important technical elements in the design are optical clarity, to eliminate laser scatter, and accuracy of the capillary. Because it is a disposable unit, to avoid contamination, costs must be carefully controlled.

The unit is supplied to Malvern as a finished product complete with gold electrodes moulded into the component. In addition to their technical moulding capabilities AKI have also developed a sophisticated product assembly capability making AKI the one stop shop that buyers of plastic mouldings appreciate. For this item AKI have set up a manufacturing cell to control quality and cost. The cell comprises moulding, insertion, ultrasonic welding, in-line inspection, testing and packing.

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