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Micro Moulding A big deal at AKI - Babyplast moulding machine


Micro Moulding A big deal at AKI

13 Oct 2005

A recent arrival at AKI’s Hereford headquarters is a Babyplast micro-moulder. The smallest machine to be commissioned on the site, it gives significant advantages in a number of ways. Production of very small “micro” components is only one of its benefits. Fast change over and small tool sizes mean that some components, previously produced on multi-cavity tooling, can be brought into production faster, which can be a great benefit for product development. AKI’s new Babyplast micro-moulding capability has also been put to good use producing small mouldings that would not have been cost effective to run on a standard injection moulding machine. These cost savings come from the much reduced tool fitment and machine set up times, as well as the cost savings in tool manufacture and material wastage on start-up and changeover. Smaller economic quantities are also a feature of this new approach to moulding

The machine can easily, and quickly, be set up in AKI’s class 10,000 clean room facility for medical mouldings.

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