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Things are warming up at AKI

12 May 2006

AKI’s innovation programme has developed a number of new ideas including the Warmit heat recovery device which is on display at this years IPHE Centenary Exhibition. The Warmit device utilises heat flowing down the drain, in the form of waste water, to preheat incoming cold mains and improve shower efficiency. During tests the Warmit device has achieved a heat recovery of 40% with just a few seconds “warm-up” time before the effects are noticed through the shower.

By using heat that would otherwise just flow down the drain, Warmit can help households to reduce the cost of showering by reducing the energy required to heat mains water. This means that for the same energy used by the shower a higher temperature is achieved, resulting in an increased flow rate. Alternatively the same temperature and flow rate can be maintained thereby using less energy to achieve the original temperature. This means that it is possible to have a higher performance shower without the need to install more a powerful shower requiring a greater amount of electrical energy to operate.

The current dimensions of the Warmit device are 600mm long by 300mm wide by 100mm high. These dimensions enable the device to fit beneath a bath however, a smaller version to fit beneath a shower is also planned for the near future.

AKI offers technical injection moulding solutions with specialist processes including two shot moulding, gas injection for thick walled mouldings, insert moulding, and complex core extraction all housed in a controlled environment machine hall. The addition of Babyplast micro moulding technology has added a small but important dimension to the range. Recent investment in Solidworks 2006 has added a design facility to AKI’s capabilities that enables us to work with customers from concept right through to final production.

For further information please visit This will link you to the Warmit area of our company website where you will find further information on the device.

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