How We Work

AKI new product realisation and optimisation process

How it works

From initial concept through to production aki can assist with in-house services all the way cutting out all the usual lost time and keeping the vital knowledge trail intact

Project Management

AKI's approach to project management has its roots in the core of our business approach - we care deeply about the success of our customer's projects.

Our complete project management service encourages customers to allow us to be involved in a new product from the design or concept stage.

Design for Manufacture

By using our in depth knowledge of moulding processes and tool construction at an early stage, we can advise on improving functionality and reducing manufacturing costs. By controlling the complete process we are able to make it all happen faster at lower cost.

The Knowledge Trail

Internet communications allow us to download files direct to our CAD and 3D modelling capabilities for critical analysis

This same data is used to produce rapid prototypes and ultimately for mould tool design and CNC machine programming.

Once in production, costs continue to be evaluated to maximise customer benefit.

Dedicated Management

A dedicated project manager is responsible for quality and delivery with projects driven through to meet customer time scales. This guarantees that critical paths are strictly adhered to, consistency is achieved and budgets are not exceeded.

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Seamless Integration is achieved through:-

  • Commitment to meet all customer expectations
  • Single conduit communication with customer
  • New Business/Process Introduction Co-ordinator within aki
  • Efficient Project Management Procedures
  • Project Team with representation from involved departments
  • Project Plans with realistic agreed time scales
  • Team members accountable for department actions

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