Innovation Projects

  • Warmit


    What is Warmit? Warmit is primarily designed to be used with showers where it recovers the heat lost down the plug when you have a shower. When Warmit is in use you can either kee...

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  • Low Heat

    Low Heat

    "Low-grade" heat (in the range 25-80°c) in the form of a waste-water stream discharged into sewers, is an everyday by-product of European homes. It is generated from a variety of ...

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  • Insulin


    More information coming soon..... Visit Pera website for further information.

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  • Medi Voice

    Medi Voice

    A low-cost, environmentally friendly, smart pharmaceutical packaging technology to differentiate European SME suppliers to service the needs of the blind, illiterate and Europe's a...

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  • Rapi Heal

    Rapi Heal

    Development of a Cost Effective, High Performance System for the Treatment of Open Wounds. The official project description was "An affordable & more effective negative pressure cl...

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  • Imp Art

    Imp Art

    Implementation of Automatic Remote Triage for Alternative Site Patient Monitoring and Care. More information coming soon..... Visit Pera website for futher information....

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