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BurButler. Development of products for repeat autoclave  -

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BurButler. Development of products for repeat autoclave

Problem solving is a large part of what we do and this product needed to be able to withstand multiple sterilisation cycles.

The Challenge

The product itself stores dental burs and allows them to be sterilised in the same storage medium.  The product is patented and has a silicone rubber base with which the lid fits onto.  Product need was to be able to withstand multiple steam sterilisation cycles.  Requirement was for complex and technical demanding thermoplastics able to meet the needs of the product.

Needed to be clear to see product inside – number of high temperature polymers capable to steam sterilisation at 139? Deg C is limited and further limited when it needs to be clear.

The AK Industries Solution 

Working with supply chain network to source and trial material options to meet customer needs. 

High grade polycarbonate (Apec?) was initially sampled though only achieved 20 sterilisation cycles.

To improve the product performance the polymer selection was upgraded to Polysulphone (PSU Udel) which dramatically improved the product performance and 250 cycles were achieved before degradation. 

Further performance was required so Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU Radel), during testing the product surpassed prior results and based on the polymer technical the product will withstand well in excess of 1,000 cycles.

The Result

Through the technical support and competence of AKI the customer received a product that exceeded their expectations and those of the end user.

Improved customer brand image, stable supply of product, knowledge created through the program due to material performance and supply issues provides assurance of supply moving forward.

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