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Leafield Transfer -

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Leafield Transfer

Rapid development and product validation required to ensure a smooth transition of tooling.

The Challenge

10 mould tools that produced 14 components in 6 separate materials were transferred to AKI. These are parts that are already in production and require a fast development phase. Leafield required rapid development and product validation to ensure a smooth transition of tooling from the previous moulder to AKI. Existing tooling received from the previous moulder has to be inspected and corrected before released to the production environment and materials sourced that met the customers demanding requirements. 

The AK Industries Solution 

AKI’s existing infrastructure and robust processes enabled the management and development of these parts in a timely manner. The skilled technical staff with tooling and process knowledge were able to pre-empt and eradicate quality issues before supply was affected. Our established network of suppliers enabled the quick and easy sourcing of requested materials. We also offered an open door policy that enabled the customer to drop in at a moment’s notice to track progress.  

The Result

Supply is ongoing with no production line stops at our customer following the transfer of tooling. Product quality has improved now that AKI is manufacturing and we have now been asked to modify the tooling to improve the quality beyond the capability of the previous supplier. The customer is now in touch with the production team and receives alerts well in advance of anything that could impact upon supply. Leafield Marine has now asked AKI to develop and manufacture tooling for future development projects. 

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