What is Warmit?

Warmit is primarily designed to be used with showers where it recovers the heat lost down the plug when you have a shower. When Warmit is in use you can either keep the shower at the same settings and have a more powerful and hotter shower or, reduce the settings to keep the same temperature and have far improved flow rate and significant energy savings. Warmit can have applications with any device that takes in mains water and sends hot water down the drain. Such examples could be dishwashers and washing machines and specific Warmit variants for these applications will follow the original shower example.

Dimensions of the device

The current dimensions are 600mm long by 300mm wide by 100mm high. These dimensions enable Warmit to fit beneath a bath, however a smaller version to fit beneath a shower is also planned for the near future.


Installation beneath a bath will be as uncomplicated as possible. The actual device will replace the 'U' bend so it will fit directly beneath the drain of the bath. The main installation will require the routing of the mains water through the device before connection to the shower. This will be possible on either side of Warmit as piping can be routed through pre moulded holes. There is no pump involved in the use of Warmit so installation is quick and easy.

How it works

Warmit works by using the hot water flowing down the drain to pre-heat the incoming water, before it enters the shower. This means that for the same energy used by the shower you will have a higher temperature resulting in an increased flow rate. Alternatively you can maintain the same temperature and flow rate thereby less energy will be used to achieve this temperature.


The device has achieved a heat recovery of 40% in testing with just a few seconds warm-up time before the effects are noticed through the shower.


We plan to market the Warmit product first in the UK but once we can judge its success we will be looking to distribute further across Europe and overseas. Our objective is to make the device available worldwide.


The final selling price of the product has not been decided however, through the use of innovative production techniques we aim to be competitive.


Patent applications have been made through the British Patent Office.

This page will be updated regularly but in the mean time visit the Pera website for further information here

Warmit will be demonstrated for the first time at the IPHE Centenary Conference/Exhibition in June. 

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